Welcome to the world of Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd. We are proudly an Australian owned and operated Company which started in 2013 currently based in Hobart, Australia. We run a number of respected Australian brands and businesses including our flagship business Arctic Tees.

Core Values:

Unlike most Companies these days Arctic Enterprises main focus is not on profit, of course making a profit is an important factor to any business as without money we couldn’t do what we do best or put food on our tables. But it is not our core focus, we wanted to start a company that not only provided extremely high customer satisfaction and high quality products that enriched peoples lives, whilst at the same time as we grow to give back to this world and try to create the best possible Planet Earth that we can.

Ways in which we operate ethically:

  • All our major products are sourced only from other companies that care for and have respect for their employes, the environment and all forms of life. To put it bluntly if a supplier can’t prove a product isn’t associated with misery then we won’t buy it or support them.
  • We support local and international charities, one example of this is Arctic Tees donates 50 cents from every t-shirt they sell (regardless of it is Retail, wholesale or a sale product) to a worthwhile charity that they rotate every 3 months.
  • Profits are secodary to offering sustainable and worth while products and services.
  • Where possible we make choices around sustainable products, Ie, recycled paper, Organic milk for Coffee.